Reasons to Buy Levitra Online

Perhaps the greatest fear of every man’s life is ED or, as more commonly referred to, impotence. This is a sickness that can threaten any man regardless his physical health and even age (the sickness has recently started to strike younger men in their twenties). Impotence not only hampers a man’s sexual life turning it into a real disaster or simply vanishing it, but also makes one feel uncertain and lowers self-esteem. To “struggle” against ED one needs a strong weapon such as is Generic Levitra – one of the most effective PDE5 inhibitors.

Under the basis of the drug lies Vardenafil citrate. This medication boosts virility in men and improves their sexual life. How the drug works? It gets dissolved in bloodstream forcing blood to reach a particular organ the penis, in this case. Particularly this powerful blood flow is responsible for a strong erection that can last for several hours. This is the practical way the medication works and helps a man enjoy his sexual life to the fullest! It is issued under a doctor’s prescription.

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Where You Can Buy Levitra Online

Quite often men feel ashamed or uncertain to speak about such kind of health problem as is an erectile disorder, whereas it is sometimes too difficult to find nonprescription drugs. For ordering generic Levitra from our reputable online pharmacy, you don’t need to have a prescription. With the help of our skillful online consultants, you will be able to order the right quantity and dosage of generic Viagra at cheap prices. These are genuine, effective and safe drugs you need for restoring your sexual health.

Levitra Dosage

Generic Levitra is available in three dosages. These are 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. The suitable dosage for a patient can be established only after a thorough diagnosis. There are different phases of ED each of which requires a definite medication. Generally, the starting dose for the vast majority of impotence patients is 10mg. Only for the severest cases is the 20mg-dosage Levitra prescribed. It is strongly forbidden to take a dosage without consulting a doctor. Besides the illness exacerbation level, there are other factors influencing the dosage of Levitra for a patient. These include the age, general health condition, allergies, and medical history.

Like Viagra and Cialis, Levitra is to be taken once a day prior to a sexual intercourse. By no means may you take another pill till twenty-four hours pass. Additionally, it can’t be included in your daily schedule. Only take a pill when your body is sexually aroused.

Levitra Overdosing

An overdose of generic Levitra may cause serious side effects that may even be fatal in cases. To avoid this, strictly follow the prescribed dosage. Apart from dizziness, vomiting or other light side effects, apply to a doctor immediately. A Levitra overdose may result in a stroke or a heart failure.

The Effectiveness of Levitra

Some people are skeptical about the efficiency of PDE5 inhibitor drugs such as Levitra and others. As a rule, the medication shows its strength in as little as less than in an hour. However, this is common yet not imperative. It may sometimes require a bit more time to start working. In a couple of times, you will get assured what wonderful feelings and self-confidence the medication brings to men. Just demonstrate faith and serious approach to Levitra and it will provide you with the erection you crave to have.

How Levitra Is to Be Taken

Levitra is to be taken about forty hours before a sexual intercourse. Pills must not be split, crushed or chewed as in such a case, it will take much more for the drug to show its effectiveness. Take a Levitra pill wholly with a glass of water. Avoid taking it with juice or other liquids as only water has the potential to dissolve the drug in your blood within a couple of minutes.
Alcohol is contraindicated with Levitra just as heavy or oily food. It is preferable to take the medication in an empty or at least light stomach so that Levitra acts fast.

Generic Levitra Side Effects

Generic Levitra has its side effects like any other PDE5 inhibitor medication. A patient may experience light dizziness, headaches, nausea, sensitiveness to light, stuffy nose, as well as aches in joints, back, muscles and jaw. All these are nothing to worry about, yet, if you feel they continue for long or straighten, it is worth seeing a doctor.

Nevertheless, indulgent Levitra intakes may show serious symptoms. These are not common and appear very rare, yet if you practice one of the below-mentioned conditions, don’t hesitate and immediately seek the first aid:

  • painful sexual arousal
  • strokes
  • severe dizziness
  • high blood pressure
  • breathlessness
  • heart attack
  • vision loss
  • hearing loss

How to Store Levitra

Levitra PDE5 inhibitor drugs require strict storage conditions. Firs of all, avoid keeping the medication in humid, hot, cold and bright places. You should store it in about 15 Celsius degree conditions in a gas-tight container. No air or light should pass to the med as in such a case, it will lose its potentiality. Its physical appearance will change, too. Avoid storing Levitra in the kitchen, refrigerator or bathroom. Instead, opt for a calm, dark and cool part of your house where your kids and pets won’t have an access to. Don’t forget to throw away expired drugs.

Be Careful
Carefulness is a priority when taking any drug. And when the matter concerns Levitra, showing high caution becomes a must!
First of all remember that the medication is designed for treating erectile dysfunction and nothing else.
Only men above 18 can take the medication. It is categorically forbidden for kids and women. Older men must always consult with a doctor before taking these pills.

Alcohol and Levitra are not applicable with each other and may put your health in severe danger.
Do never take the med with nitrate drugs. This is the point to be utmost attentive with just as with your possible allergy against Vardenafil the main ingredient of Levitra. If you have any, you’d better not try your luck to escape appearing in the intensive care unit.
As dizziness and blur vision are common side effects of Levitra, make sure you are not due to performing any physical or mental work within several hours of drug intake.
And for the last, remember that Levitra is not responsible for any sexually transmitted diseases. It simply can’t prevent them, hence, before taking a pill, take your precautions for having a healthy sex.