Somewhere in the world there is a person who does not approve the use of Botox to improve the appearance of other people.

However, as technology advances, they find new innovative and self-service applications for Botox – especially for men and their penises, as new research has shown that Botox treatment can be used to improve problems with erectile dysfunction.

Botox research for erectile dysfunction is still at an early stage, however, since there was only one human study of 12 men. Therefore, they can not yet recommend the procedure, but the proof of the erection caused by Botox is still promising.

This procedure can work because of its ability to stop the release of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (preventing blood flow) without interfering with the release of nitric oxide – the key component of “lifting it” – which, by relaxing your smooth muscles and allowing blood to rush into your penis.

Thanks to this knowledge, the researchers have reason to believe that Botox injections can provide an erection stimulus within a few months.

This procedure can work for men suffering from both types of erectile dysfunction: physiological, which is associated with blood flow problems, and psychogenic, associated with physiological factors.

This may also mean that there is no need to take medications for men with erectile dysfunction, which is especially good for those who do not have the opportunity to do so because of heart diseases that already require them to take medications such as nitrates, since it is known that ED drugs contribute to a drop in blood pressure to a dangerous level.

This is a great step, but he leaves me some questions.

What happens if it is approved? Will it be financed by the government and have high priority? Will women be forced to continue to struggle for their basic reproductive rights? Will this procedure remain under the brand of cosmetic surgery or will it be added to health insurance plans?

It seems the real possibility that the penises will soon be insured by the government, but I think I will have to hold off to see, huh?

One thing is for certain, and this is what: people everywhere rejoice.